Full House Star Jodie Sweetin Has Ideas For Another Spinoff


Beloved childhood star Jodie Sweetin has an idea for yet another fabulous Full House spin-off. The popular family sitcom that ran from 1987 to 1995 was revived back in 2016 when Netflix debuted its sequel, Fuller House.

Netflix's Fuller House ran for five consecutive seasons before finally coming to a close in 2020. Although it’s only been barely 2 years since Fuller House wrapped, talks and rumors of another Full House offshoot being in the works are starting to circulate. Sweetin has claimed that if the opportunity was presented for her to reprise her role as the famous Stephanie Tanner, she would jump at it in a heartbeat. Fuller House essentially adapts the same premise of the original series, except this time, eldest daughter DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) is now in a similar predicament that her father Danny (the late Bob Saget) found himself in. Widowed at a young age just like her Dad, DJ is left to raise three young kids all on her own, while simultaneously struggling to cope with the grief over losing her husband. In order to help DJ out, Stephanie and their quirky friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber), mirroring Full House's Jesse (John Stamos) and Joey (Dave Coulier), move into the classic San Francisco home with her.

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