Bob Saget's Family Reveals The Late Actor's Cause Of Death


It's always tragic to lose a beloved entertainer, even if it's from natural causes. But things get even more unfortunate when someone like Bob Saget, only 65 at the time of his death, passes away well before his time. When the much adored actor and comedian lost his life only a month ago, many wondered how such a thing could have happened out of nowhere for someone so relatively young. Now, it looks like the inquisitive public has an answer, for better or worse.

Saget, comedian and star of Full House, was found dead on January 9th in his Orlando hotel room, with fans and authorities equally baffled as to what caused his mysterious death. At the time, many assumed it was from drug and alcohol use, or perhaps an undisclosed condition like Norm Macdonald, who kept his cancer diagnosis a secret until his death in September of last year. But according to Saget's family, things are more cut and dry than expected, but that may make things all the more tragic.

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