Everything We Know About Kelly Rizzo Before She Married Bob Saget


We know about Bob's controversial past, but what about his wife, Kelly's?

When Full House debuted on television in 1987, there was no way for anyone to know how passionate the show’s following would wind up being. Easily one of the most squeaky clean sitcoms of its era, even though Full House tackled some series issues, the show was considered very safe viewing for the whole family. As a result, an entire generation of kids grew up watching Full House regularly throughout their childhoods. In the years since Full House went off the air in 1995, a lot of those children continued to love it.

Since so many people have continued to care deeply about Full House, Netflix produced a spin-off series that lasted for several seasons. Partially as a result of Fuller House’s success, a lot of people began to keep a closer eye on the personal lives of the people who starred in that series and the sitcom the spawned it. For example, when it was announced that Bob Saget had gotten married, Full House fans were left wondering, who was his wife, Kelly Rizzo, before they met?

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