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Young SA Lady Celebrates Buying a Beautiful Home at Only 25

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  Many young South Africans can only dream of buying their very first homes at the tender age of only 25 years old. One beautiful local woman has managed to make this dream a reality for herself recently.    One young lady recently took to the app to celebrate buying her first home at only 25. In the post, she also praises God for the role that he played in helping her with the spectacular achievement. 

  "So I did a thing the other day. First property at 2. Ke Mohau wa Modimo. I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness. God is so faithful. His timing is always perfect," she captioned the post warmly. 

  Many users was in disbelief that she was able to buy a house. Many of them headed to the comment section with some questions while others simply shared congratulatory messages. Read a few of their comments below: 

  "You're so beautiful and humble. You make everything around you look so nice, even that brown couch. Can I please have a spare key? Every house needs a man." 

  "Bathong... the girls are winning this year and here for it. Congratulations hun." 

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