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WOW|Lady wowed people with her art as she drew a teacup on her face react.

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  Anjolaoluwa, a makeup artist who gets people to paint a teacup with her art for her face, was surprised to find that the people she created asked her about it all -- the talented artist says good work is the result of two hours.

  A makeup artist, Ann Jolaoluwa, has attracted a lot of attention after using cosmetics to great artistic effect on her face.

  On Wednesday, January 13,the woman shared two pictures that showed water being poured from a held jug into a cup drawn on her face.

  To make the work even more vivid, the woman added a tea bag with a yellow label, which worked well. It all seemed so real. The woman said it took her two hours to complete the arduous task and she asked people to help her share the work to broaden her horizons.

    AnnJolaoluwa's post quickly went viral, as some people praising her mastery of the art of makeup. The reactions as below:

"Whether it took you two hours or two years.......THAT IS YOUR CUP OF TEA............ Get it???"

"Wow this is nice. Wait, that yellow Lipton label is it make up too?" 

"This is beautiful and creative."

"What? For God's sake who are you, shiii is Fire. The illusion had me turning my phone upside-down just to see if it'll pour out foreal." 

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