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Breaking| A Husband Discovers New Baby isn’t His 6 Months After Wife’s Delivery

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  This nice gentleman said he came to realize that the baby is not his six months later although he had initial doubts about the child when it was first delivered.

  On Wednesday, January 13, the man said he found out he might not be the father of the infant. 

  Rashad believes the colour of the baby is far off and does not bear any resemblance to him or any member of his family. This has heightened his fears and solidified his conviction that the baby is not his.

  What made his whole announcement on Twitter dramatic was that he quoted an earlier tweet where he bought a designer bag and other items for his wife as push gifts. 

  Comments from people are very divergent. While some back his personal belief that the baby is not his primarily because of the complexion, others believe it’s all a matter of genetics which could mean that the baby is actually his. The reactions are as following:

"What u want us to say?"

"You can never satisfy a woman, fear women." 

"Y’all need to normalize getting DNA test." 

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