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Heartbreaking| SA man with COVID-19 ‘dies’ days after warning people

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  In an emotional video that has left a good number of people with tears running down their cheeks, an unidentified man from South Africa warns his followers about the dangers of COVID-19 complications and dies the next day. The short video clip that was recorded by the deceased on his death bed has been shared on Twitter and went viral. According to the 32-second video, the man who is seemingly devastated and struggling to breathe is admitted to an unknown medical facility as he tries his best to convey the message.

  In the video, the man is seen struggling to breathe as he was on oxygen.

  However, what was more touching for people is the fact that he tried giving out warnings on how to be safe, despite being in a sick state.

  "Friends and family, on this day I’m still alive, I'm isolated. As you can see this is a dangerous disease, please sanitize every time and wear your mask", he said.

  According to a friend identified as Dj Cappuccino, the deceased recorded the heartbreaking video on Friday and died on Sartuday due to Coronavirus complications. The video has gone viral on social media. Tributes poured in for him.

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