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ANC Got Dragged After Clip of Mother Carried Baby Crossing Highly Flooded River Went Viral

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  Netizens dragged the African National Congress onto social media platforms after a video clip of a woman crossing the river went viral.

  The video, which was posted on Twitter, shows a woman with look like a baby strapped to her back crossing repidly raging waters in an attempt to reach the embankment opposite side.The woman was not using a bridge, but a makeshift system of poles and cables.

  Commenters were outraged and immediately replied to the video with strong words condemning the ANC's lack of infrastructure.

  Tweeps directed most of their outrage at the government. Some comments on the clear danger situation of mothers and babies and the fact that the community had been offered no support by their government, while others have dragged the ANC for not delivering on promises.

  One said:"I used to feel sympathy for our citizens but lately I don't. They voted for ANC and they got ANC. If they want to change their situation they can vote differently, but if they want their situation not to change they can keep their ANC." 

  Another said:"The ANC is waiting for the upcoming general elections then they will time the construction of a bridge to coincide with the elections so that they will have something to campaign about. This has been the strategy of the ANC all these years." 

  Some commenters even tagged their representatives directly in their replies.

  One replied:"@CyrilRamaphosa, how about your thieving cadres give back some of the money they have stolen and build a bridge for these poor people. A Bailey bridge like this one is ready and cheap to build. Do something for our people who really need it."

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