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Heart-warming|SA lady says thanks to her friends who helped clean her home as she infected COVID-19

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  One grateful woman, Pfukani Alphosinah Manyama, recently shared a touching story on Internet about how her friends who cleaned and disinfected her home while she and her husband were hospitalized with Covid-19 infection.

  "I would like to thank these 2 ladiesThoriso Baabua Nogana Motshegetsi Gobonaone. Here is why I'm grateful to them: My husband and I became ill in December(I thank God because my kids had gone to visit my parents in Limpopo), on the 17th my husband tested for covid19, results came back on the 20th and I went and tested on the 21st. On the 22nd, my husband got worse and he was admitted to the hospital and I got admitted the following day. 

  "We have a WhatsApp group with my friends, when I told them my husband got admitted, 1 of them said I will come ad stay with from tomorrow until your husband is discharged, the tomorrow is when I called them or they called said ladies I'm not feeling, I'm going to the hospital, they said to leave your house keys, we will come and clean and stay there." 

  She then goes on to say that she found her home spotless. She also mentioned how her friends had taken the time to do a deep cleaning of the house, washing blankets, bedding and even their dirty clothes.

  People were moved by their deep friendship, also join her in thanking her friend. Here are their comments:

"May God bless them." 

"What a beautiful blessing."

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