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Breaking|Pearl Thusi Comes Guns Blazing At Tweeps Who Diss Her Sister

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  Pearl Thusi has blasted a troll who came for her younger sister on social media. The media personality took to Twitter on Thursday, 14 January and told the troll where to get off after he posted negative comments about her sister.

  In a now-deleted tweet, the hater shared a snap of the gorgeous Prunella Sanelisiwe Thusi and suggested that her beauty is not enough to build a family with. 

  The "beauty without brains" sentiments is still widely believed by society and today women who are extremely beautiful are placed under that same umbrella. Such women are labelled 'slay queens' and many believed that they are not wife material.

  When Pearl saw the tweet she became enraged and then proceeded to cuss at the man, and even involved his mother. Her clapback did not sit well with many people who felt as though she could have done better than to stoop as slow as the trolls.

  She basically said men who have no money love making such degrading comments about beautiful women who are well off. She took it further by saying his mother should raise him better.

  Other tweeps took to the stunner's comment section and shared mixed reactions to her tweet. Check out some of their comments below: 

  "The people that keep saying it wasn't necessary for Pearl to respond like that... which is the right way to respond when a stranger disrespects a woman for no reason? Please explain to me how must women react so that next time, we react in a way that best suits toxic men." 

  "She could have made her point without involving anyone's mom, we all know mothers do all they can to raise their kids right but then people do whatever they please and has nothing to do with the way they're raised."

"Involving his mother, that was unnecessary Pearl. Mother's are working very hard to raise us. Then we decide to be something else. Please withdraw from that statement. Ungumama uzalile yourself. Think twice." 

"Would you stand and watch your sister being belittled? Disrespect is replied with disrespect. "

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