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Alcohol Ban is Dividing South Africans. Dr. Has Weighed In Amid The Uproar Over The Alcohol Ban.

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  While the liquor industry is resisting pressure to block the restrictions, doctors share views from their side of the Covid-19 crisis, a doctor who insists that medical professionals drain citizens in the midst of a pandemic, and his request that departments treat patients themselves should have a law aimed at overturning the ban.

  Dr. Mike Mikia Ramothwala, a senior clinical manager at the Limpopo Health Department, weighed in amid the fuzz over prohibition. 

  Taking to social media, Ramothwala shared heartbreaking images of exhausted frontline workers. The doctor highlighted that medical professionals are under immense strain as the pandemic rages on: 

  "Doctors and nurses are emotionally and physically exhausted from treating COVID-19 patients." 

  Ramothwala insisted that SA Breweries should win its legal in an attempt to overturn the ban, and the company should be here to witness the impact firsthand:

  " If SAB wins its battle to lift the Alcohol Ban they must come and also treat the alcohol-related trauma cases because we currently don’t have the energy to deal with two pandemics."

  In response to this eye-opening post on the hardships facing those tackling Covid-19, many other professionals shared their experiences: 

  Someone call:"Lab workers are also expected to work over 12 hours, recovered COVID employees sick or not, expected immediately after 10 days, those who lost family members after funeral come help with the workload. Currently not a fav at with because I was expected day I got discharged. We tired." 

And another call:""Honestly this how I felt last week, working in a tent with COVID patients... I was defeated, hopeless. Physically and emotionally drained. What more with trauma cases?" 

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