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Strong independent gogo who does everything herself although she turns 95

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  Tshepang Bridgette Minyuku wished her Gogo a happy 95th birthday on Facebook and said she loves her grandma because she takes care of her like grandma takes care of her.

  She said she lookes young and strong and walks unassisted. She does everything by herself, cooking, cleaning and washing.

  She added that she is "a grandmother who my mother left on Earth to continue her motherhood duties."

  When she bought her grandma a cake, she even gave her £5 to thank you for making her day special.

  "Strong as she is. Young as she looks. She turned 95 years today. She can walk on her own. Sometimes she claims we don't wash her clothes clean and wash them herself. When I'm not well she can easily make food for me. I'm blessed. 

  She was so happy that she even said it felt like New Year's Day. A grandmother that my mother left on earth to continue motherly duties.

  Users showered the granny in birthday wishes and compliments:

  "Wooow ‼️She is so beautiful. She is a great BLESSING to the family. May she be blessed with strength and excellent health and wisdom, joy and peace. We also love her. She is also ours. We claim her. May we learn great lessons from her. " 

  "Wow, 95 looks good here. Happy birthday and wishing you blessed returns."

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