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A man helping a pregnant hawker with a Christmas gift has got people praising him

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  A video of a Good Samaritan helping a pregnant orange seller has gone viral with people praising his generosity act just one day before Christmas.

  After the man called the orange seller, he carried all her tray of oranges, as if he wanted anything, and poured them into his car booth.When he returned with the tray, he gave her a hamper.

  At the sight of the gift, the woman went straight on her knees even though she was pregnant.The man also gave her a cash gift and asked her to start a more profitable business.

  The man asked the woman to accept his little token and take care of her unborn child.

  Here are some of the reactions to the post:

  "I don't know if I am the only one that sees it this way... Some people find it as a show-off, giving away gifts on camera, but to some extent, I see it as a source of inspiration... A good deed or Bad one can only be judged by intentions." 

  "Christmas came early for her. God bless you real good."

  "Wow, can't believe I cried. The fact that the lady was pregnant. Work is not money, but divine grace of God. I pray everyone struggling out there find help from unexpected places. Yet some people are out there just to stole, May God reward their hustle too."

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