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Woman with 6 Children Gives Birth to Quadruplets, dad run away because of afraid

  A couple in Benin, Nigeria, have welcomed quadruplets in addition to their six children.

  According to report, Za's husband, said he ran away for a while when he heard the news. With encouragement from friends and family, Austin said, he returned home.

  In addition, the new mother said that when she became pregnant, she considered having an abortion but didn't have the money to do it.

  The 35-year-old mother of 10 said God has blessed the family since the birth of the quadruplets.However, she appealed to others to save them as neither she nor her husband are currently working and need help to take care of the children.According to the new mother, she married her husband in 2005 and planned to have four children.

  She shared beautiful pictures of the kids on Internet and wish them many more decades to celebrate. Three of the quadruplets are girls while one of them is a boy. 

  The proud mother captioned: 'The top 10 stars are here at last!God bless you, my dears, and may each of you be happier than the last."

  Unsurprisingly, Twitter users celebrated the children's 10th birthdays in the comments section.

  As congratulations poured in, users were quick to remind the mother that she had to pay tuition for the quadruplets.

  One commented:"Oh wow, 4 strong Blessings, Chai and 4 strong school fees. God bless and keep them in sound health and shine His light continually upon them 4-fold."

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