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Man mistakenly threw away R4.7 bn, begs govt to help him find it

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  James Howells, a 35-year-old computer engineer, is offering £55m (R1billion) to the local authority if they can recover a hard drive he had thrown away. It is reported that the hard drive contained keys to Bitcoins that are worth more than 230 million (R4.7 billion). In 2013, he threw the gadget away by mistake.

  The engineer said, "There's pot of gold for someone at the end of the rainbow - and that ends in the landfill site.”

  James threw the device away as he cleaned out old laptops and other broken gadgets from the office. He said he threw the hard drive away because it bore a striking similarity to another one that was no longer working.

  The engineer said that while the whole experience was painful for him, he just laughed it off because there was nothing he could do.The man said he would give away 25% of his fortune as a reward. Asked if the hard drive was still working after all these years, he said it was possible he could recover some of the data.

  According to James, he would be giving Newport Council the money so that it can be used to help families who are struggling with the economic impact of Covid-19.

  The Newport City Council said the cost of the recovery mission would cost millions of pounds.

  If the hard drive is not found, they say, someone will have to pay for the cost of excavation. Another issue the mission is facing that it is illegal to dig things up in that council.

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