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WOW|Trevor Noah and his bae Minka Kelly are reportedly moving in together

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  Trevor Noah and his love Minka Kelly are reportedly planning to move in together.The couple are planning to move into a multimillion-dollar mansion Trevor recently bought in Los Angeles, USA.

  The South African-born "Daily Show" host and the "Titan" actress have not yet to confirmed they are dating.According to reports,the comedian and his bae are happy and "in love".Sources told the media that Trevor paid $27.5 million (400 million rand) for the Bel Air mansion at the end of December and that the pair planned to share it.

  “… he (Noah) is dating Minka Kelly. Well, they are very serious,” says Wendy Williams.

  She added: “If you know anything about Noah … you'll know that he likes a solid a relationship, he's not the dating type, he says that, he's been saying that for years … these two are looking for a house together in LA.

“They are not married, they're not engaged.”

  Although the “Son of Patricia” star and Kelly have yet to confirm their relationship, in August PEOPLE reported that Noah and Kelly were romantically involved.

“They're very happy,” an insider told PEOPLE. “It's a very serious relationship,” the source added.

  In September, the celebrity news publication shared a photograph of Noah and Kelly walking into Noah's flat in New York City.

  In the photograph, the actress is seen with a backpack and other pieces of luggage. Noah stands beside her, along with a small puppy on a leash.

  Some users were excited at the news that Trevor and Minka are moving in together. Some of them shared their thoughts at the belowing:

"Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly moving in together... yassss we love that."

"I kind of love them together."

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