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Lady who had infected her mother with Covid-19, which had ultimately resulted in her death.

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  One young woman recently led the online expression of grief and pain over her feelings about losing her mother.

  According to The Washington Post, she was infected with her mother Covid-19, which eventually led to her death.

  Many in the comments section shared messages of bereaved support and encouragement for young women.    A young South African woman is going through something that many young people are living in fear of at the moment - infecting someone we love who is older and more susceptible to the deadly coronavirus.

  She shared a heartfelt post about losing her mother to the virus on Twitter. In the heartbreaking post, she also explains how the worse part about her mom's death is that she had infected her. 

"What sadness me most about my mother's death is that I infected her, Kuthi Mandife," she wrote sadly.

Soon, locals were sharing advice and words of encouragement in the comments section.Here are some of their ideas:

"There is no way of knowing that for sure. What I am sure about though is that your mother wouldn't want you to think like this. It's not your fault. Condolences on your loss." 

"Don't be too hard on yourself. You can't change what is destined to happen. Okwenzekile kufana nokudaliwe. Condolences to you and your family." 

"You cannot take responsibility for something that is absolutely out of your control. You did not infect your mother. The virus did."

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