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Miss SA Shudufhadzo Musida Left Mzansi Buzzing After Sharing Sizzling Bikini Pics Online

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  Miss South Africa, Shuduhadzo Musida made Mzansi very excited by sharing pictures of some sexy bikinis online. Many were stunned by the beautiful photos shared in the comments section.

  "One more hate, Gem stone Miss SA."She captioned the sexy photos online.

  Not everyone was impressed by her sexy photos, although many thought her posts were too revealing and classless—especially with her being Miss South Africa and all. Soon, there was a debate on every corner of Twitter, with people going back and forth criticizing and defending the beautiful Limpopo lady.

  Here are some of comments below:

"Black South African's can't deal with seeing another successful black individual being happy with themselves, you will see them try to discredit the individual by all means possible. We are a nation that finds happiness in tearing down another person and its sad. "

"It’s not that some people have a problem with Miss SA Shudu posting bikini pics. It’s just that her voice is perhaps not loud enough about the real issues the youth and ordinary South Africans are facing, especially now during a pandemic. How is she using her position?"

  "My thoughts exactly!! it makes me me sick! These men will never stop sexually objectifying us, cos there are woman like this one who are spectators of this rubbish!"

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