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SA Man Shared Touching Post as Bae Buys Groceries While He Goes Through Rough Patch

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  A young South African man recently shared a touching post on Twitter about his thoughtful girlfriend buying him groceries when he was struggling financially.

  "My girlfriend bought me some groceries yesterday and I cried because it was the sweetest thing my partner has ever done for me. I mean it's been a tough month for me, I don't even know how to feel, thank you baby, "he wrote on Twitter.

 Users was also touched by the young lady's kind gesture. Some people think it's not worth crying for, while others didn't disagree.

  Here are some of their comments below:

"She really cares about you and has your best interests at heart. At this point she’s passed the girlfriend stage... perhaps work towards making her your wife?"

"You are one lucky man... Some men cheat soloko kunjalo, knowing they have a good woman by their side, they still take them for granted. God will bless you two."

"I did this in the early stage of my relationship with my now-husband... he says it was this moment that he knew he has met his wife."

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