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WOW|Sylvester Stallone, Wife to Sell 8 Bedroom Home for R2 Billion

  Sylvester Stallone has launched a huge 8-bedroom and 12-bathroom Los Angeles mansion for R 2billion, ready to leave its current home.

  According to the NY Post, the action movie legend will leave the West Coast for Palm Beach, Florida, with his wife Jennifer Flavin.

  It sits on a vast piece of land that is covered by towering canopies of trees and lush green grass all over the compound. 

  There is plenty of space on the vast grounds of Beverly Hills. It measures 21,000 square feet and is 3.5 acres.

  The actor's house has plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a kitchen with two islands instead of one.

  74-year-old Sylvester also enjoys his huge library / office, with barrel-shaped vaulted ceilings. A room decorated by a Hollywood megastar with a wonderful souvenir of his most famous movie, Rocky.

  The Rocky statue with both hands raised in the air is actually sitting in front of an arched window.

   Future owners of the house may even be able to cross the road with Justin Bieber and famous neighbors of the property, such as Hailey Baldwin, Denzel Washington, and Mark Wahlberg.

  The outlet revealed that Sylvester and Jennifer, 52, could head to Palm Beach. Palm Beach purchased $ 35 million in waterfront real estate in 2020.  

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