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Young SA Man by Taking Basic Construction Job So That He Could Afford School Uniform and Shoes

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   A young man has inspired many on social media by sharing his success story on Internet.The man said he worked as a construction worker and earned some money to buy himself a new school uniform.

  In the photos he shared, he can be seen buying new shoes, too.The first and second frames show him working on a construction project.

  When people ask him how they can help him, they are very surprised by his high sense of responsibility and hard work.

  Here compiled some of the reactions below:

"DM me your contact details. Lemme give you pocket money every month."

"Send me your account for another shirt."

"Kindly send us statement for your school fees. We would like to assist you with fees." 

"Dude, DM your digits or drop them here. I can arrange to get you some more pair of pants and a long sleeve jersey. Winter is coming. Also, where are you based?"

  "You remind of myself... I used to do gardening and painting jobs. I didn't care what my peers were saying because I knew my situation was temporary. Today I am a proud owner of this unit with a good job. Never give up, keep working hard. The future is bright. Good luck!!!" 

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